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Women's Rights Work Client Testimonials

Shirley evaluated Glencree’s Women’s Programme and conducted a wide-ranging scoping study to consider how best the programme could develop in the coming years. This involved interviewing many people from across the community in Northern Ireland. Both projects were done in a thorough and creative manner in which she sensitively managed difficult issues. Her recommendations from the study underpin the development of our women’s programme and based on the quality of her work with Glencree she is currently instrumental in developing and delivering the advanced women’s leadership component of our wider women’s programme. Shirley is a natural communicator and a strategic thinker, whilst drawing on her considerable experience working on issues related to women, peace & security. Will Devas, CEO Glencree Centre for Peace & Reconciliation

Shirley you really are a great facilitator and did a splendid job at the 2015 Coalition to Repeal the Eight Amendment strategic planning workshop. You had everyone eating out of your hand. No tensions or dissension, marvellous! Thank you, we truly appreciate it very much. - Ailbhe Smyth, Coalition to Repeal the Eight Amendment.

Shirley was an outstanding co-ordinator for the Hanna’s House Feminist Cross-Border Peace Project. Her creativity and drive matched with a passion for social justice created an environment where ambitious, focused and intelligent plans came to fruition. Her ability to build rapport and support for the project across a large cross section of marginalised groups and community sectors was a significant factor in the success of the project. - Linda Kelly, Former Director of Hanna's House


Shirley's attention to detail and academic rigour coupled with her ability to put people at their ease and to bring a sense of humour and joy to her work creates a high-trust relationship between her and her clients. Shirley is a passionate and inspirational leader as well as a supportive team player who brings vision, motivation and drive to every project she works on.- Rachel Doyle, Head of Development & Outreach for the National Women's Council of Ireland


Shirley has worked with groups of women in both Nationalist and Loyalist communities in Northern Ireland and has always created trust, and built warm and compassionate connections that help people make extraordinary changes in their lives and communities.She is a true peace-maker who always demonstrates respect and empathy and through her actions she connects with people and starts conversations that can lead to change. - Phil Killeen, Co-ordinator of the Glencree Centre for Peace & Reconciliation, Women's Leadership Programme


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