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Are you ready to let your light shine by being your most authentic and creative self?

What is the Inspiring

Women Programme? 


Inspiring Women is a unique programme blending feminist philosophy and research with mindfulness leadership models and creative processes to empower women to access their deepest calling and make their highest contribution in any area of life, whether it is as business leaders, social activists, artists, healers, politicians, entrepreneurs, teachers, or  writers.


Who is the programme for?


The Inspiring Women programme was created for women who know there is something else they would like to create or contribute, perhaps a talent, an idea, or a vision of how things could be, and want the support of a like-minded group of women to bring it to fruition. Often we feel stuck, at a crossroads, or in transition prior to making that leap into our future selves.  While feeling stuck is frustrating and at times exhausting it is an indicator that we have outgrown some aspect of our current situation and it is time to make a change.

When is the next programme?

Dates for 2023 have not been announced yet. If you are interested please email

The programme is made up of three workshops: Authentic Woman (be seen), Courageous Woman (be heard), and Inspiring Woman (make a difference).


Venue, Dates & Times:


Weekends from 10.30-5.30pm.

What does it include:

The programme is made up of three full-day workshops and uses creative tools, visualization exercises, mindfulness, journalling and self-care & compassion. All self-care and creativity tools are included in the cost as are tasty treats! Reference notes and self-study suggestions are included (but not compulsory) as each participant is encouraged to take the programme at her own pace.


To find out more please email

"The Inspiring Woman programme connected me to my deepest calling - speaking out about environmental issues- this will radically change the future direction of my career. Thank you Shirley and all the women on the course!" - Avril
Photo by www.Womanitup

What is the content of the programme?


Inspiring Women is a structured programme grown out of my feminist research, practices and philosophy and professional and personal experiences from across a number of sectors including business, not for profit, academia and the creative arts. It blends deep reflection, storytelling,  and mindfulness leadership models to envision future possibilities; and then builds on these with practical tools and strategies to create a step-by-step approach to achieving your goals.


The three-module process guides and gently challenges you to step into your power and creativity.


The first workshop Authentic Woman focuses on reclaiming your talents, gifts, strengths and skills and considering how they could be combined in new and exciting ways to create alternative opportunities for you.


The second workshop Courageous Woman focuses on what matters to you, what you are passionate about and how you want to communicate that to the world through your presence, voice and story.


The third workshop Inspiring Woman focuses on articulating your highest vision, setting goals, and creating a strategy to achieve those goals. 

What tools & methods are used?


The workshops combine a diversity of learning modalities including: creative play, poetry, visualization, free-writing & journaling, group sharing & pair work. It is a highly experiential process contained within a framework of self-love & compassion. While the process can be intense it is also very creative and a lot of fun and builds supportive connections between the participating women.


The workshops are a few weeks apart to create space to integrate each module and to allow time to practice some of the tools shared in each workshop.




We are building a supportive community of inspiring women online via a private Facebook page. Click here if you would like to read some of their testmonials.

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