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Let there be Light!

I woke up this morning thinking I wanted to write about the Winter Solstice (yesterday) and how it being the shortest day of the year and the longest night we are now moving back into the light! I thought it would be a nice inspirational message to share as many of us can feel overwhelmed, depressed or lonely at Christmas-time. I’m sure we have all had disappointing experiences when Christmas didn’t live up to our expectations never mind the promise of TV advertising! But, as I sat on the bed scribbling in my journal my feelings rose to the surface and the tears began to flow. What I realised was that the biggest lesson I had learnt this year, and the one I most want to share, is on the importance of being happy with ourselves. Not putting ourselves last, beating ourselves up, or valuing other’s agendas, creativity or contributions over our own. Not putting happiness on hold until we have lost weight, are finished the project, gotten the promotion, met the partner, earn a certain amount of money, have the baby etc. But instead looking for every reason to be happy with who we are right now. I have learned that to be happy is a choice. We can decide to focus on the dark side of life, the past, the anxiety, the fearfulness, the 'I'm not good enough', the 'I can't do it', or 'it's all their fault!' But happiness is always waiting for us, just around the next corner, if we choose to greet it and welcome it into our hearts. So, THANK YOU very much. Your support of me and the creation of my business and the Inspiring Woman Programme has allowed me to learn this very important lesson. It has been a wonderful experience facilitating the programme and it has proven to me how necessary and valuable it is to create women-only spaces: to share, sing, dance and explore who we are, how we want to be, and what we want to do in the world. By way of a small 'thank you' I am attaching a gift token to this email which can be used as a discount voucher against any of my future workshops or courses which you can give to a friend if you wish. I am deeply grateful for this community and the path we have shared thus far. I look forward to many more adventures in the future. Wishing you a very happy Christmas and New Year :) Love and light! Shirley

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