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Participant Testimonials

‘As a business woman I had disconnected from my artistic talent, the programme put me back in touch with my inner artist and since then I am not only drawing again but I have launched a start-up company promoting artists’ work’.  

The Inspiring Woman Programme has been really fantastic and I have gotten a huge amount out of it. It has enabled me to focus on my life goals, and see how I can make them happen and explore these, in a safe and supportive space. The course has also enabled me to tap into my creative side and have 'fun'- something which is all too often missing in the day to day. As a result of the course, my mindset has changed, and I now have different priorities going forward and also have more much- needed confidence in myself. Shirley is a fantastic person-and teacher, who runs the course with amazing energy and inspires all those participating. I would highly recommend the course to any women-even if you don't feel you need it, you probably do! - Mairead

The Inspiring Woman Programme is a celebration of womanhood and the power of women.The course was uplifting, encouraging and inspiring. Under Shirley's tutelage we embraced our natural gifts and talents, celebrated our individuality and moved towards our higher calling. The course provides a safe space for self reflection and self development with powerful guided meditations and smart goal setting. - Carole

'It has re-ignited my passion and confidence in my singing voice to such an extent that I have been invited to record a CD!’

I enjoyed every moment of the Inspiring Woman programme and it gave me the push to become who I want to become. The whole programme goes deep into yourself and lets you reflect on who and what you are and where you stand in life. I find this to be of a great help for organising yourself and seeing the best in yourself. Also, the atmosphere is always so warm and welcoming - it gives a feeling of belonging and even if you were very emotional at the end of a day you feel lighter and inspired. Thank you Shirley, so so much for this wonderful opportunity! - Jelena

The Inspiring Woman Programme gave me an opportunity to breathe, reach inside to feel what I had forgotten, and to bring out a new shape of myself. Shirley created a safe, nurturing and celebratory space for shared journeys, learnings and new practices. The whole process has helped me to define and uphold new boundaries for myself at work, and to re-imagine a way past old impediments to a more present joy. - Karen

'The programme connected me to my deepest calling speaking out about environmental issues this will radically change the future direction of my career’.

The Inspiring Woman programme has helped me in many ways. It has affirmed my sense of myself by helping to deepen my insight of "me". The various creative exercises hleped me with this process.  The programme's reflective nature contributes to this in a gentle challenging way which enabled me to connect with my passion and voice. I have set clear goals for myself which I am trying to bring into fruition. I am on the way to realizing my higher power. The journey continues :) - Catherine

Dr Graham's Inspiring Woman Programme allows for time in a sacred space to explore and re-discover hidden strengths and talents. It empowers and enlightens through many different creative forms. I would highly recommend it for for anyone looking for positive change in their lives. - Bernie

'As an educator I love the way Shirley combines different learning modalities and creates a relaxed, fun atmosphere with the group that allow powerful discussions to take place.’

I came to the Inspiring Woman Programme in an attempt to know if there was something else I had to do. Was there more or "is this it", "do I care", "am I bothered"? Having this time for me let me explore a little more about who I am and what I have left to give. Thanks to Shirley and the other group members it feels I have begun a new journey and one where yes I can be authentic, courageous and inspiring.- Mary

I attended the programme last year it was wonderful. Shirley's course provided me with the space and time to consider my power within. I loved all aspects from the lovely warm welcome to the mood she created, friendships were ignited! I'm continuing with her inspiring work, I've nearly completed 'Start Your Own Business' course, went back last September to play the violin after 20 years. Yesterday I had my initiation for Reiki 2. So lots of positive action and all nourishment for my soul! - Eileen

I have to say that's a great inspirational, creative, tranformative and impowering workshop programme!
I was on Shirley Graham's workshops and it opened up my eyes to my talents, which I always took for granted. Being in a circle with like-minded women gave me the feeling of not being alone with my problems. I felt a strong support and connectedness, which gave me the strength to overcome challenges. - Simone

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